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Investment in France: Vorwerk plans another Thermomix® production site
In order to be able to meet the increasing Thermomix® demand in the future, the Vorwerk Group will be investing 57 million euros in the construction of an additional Thermomix® production plant in the Centre-Val de Loire region in France, thus creating 74 new jobs locally.
Continuous advisor growth key to success
With record sales of 3.4 billion euros, the Vorwerk Group continued its growth course in 2021. After the positive effects from the implementation of Strategy 2025 and the performance of the Vorwerk direct sales system were already reflected in an extraordinarily successful annual result in 2020, the Wuppertal-based family-owned company was able to increase its sales by another 6.4 percent in 2021.
Continued great solidarity with Ukraine
The Vorwerk Group continues to view the ongoing Russian war of aggression on Ukraine with great concern and consternation. "Our sympathy in this war goes out to all people affected by the suffering, warlike conflicts. As a Vorwerk Community, it is very important to us to provide fast and reliable help.

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