Long-lasting, Reparable, Resource-conserving: Quality is our Priority Right from the Start

We want our products to have a long life. That's why we prioritize outstanding quality. Sustainability also has an important part to play here – starting with the product’s design, through the use of innovative materials down to environmentally friendly packaging.

Lasting Pleasure in our Products

Whether we’re talking about our Thermomix® appliances or Kobold vacuum cleaners, the superior quality and longevity of our products have always been our guarantee of success. Only when high-quality components are used in the manufacture of a product does it have the potential to provide enduring good performance coupled with low wear and tear. Our Kobold VK118, last manufactured in 1983, is one fine example of this. We are still selling the FP122 filter bags specific to that model today – clear evidence that Vorwerk products are still doing a great job 40 years on and thus conserving resources.

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To us, a product is only sustainable if it satisfies the following requirements:

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High Quality

The quality management system in place at our three production sites holds ISO 9001 certification.

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Our products last for very many years and decades, and over that time conserve resources that would otherwise have been used in a new acquisition.

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If a product does require repair at some point, spare parts for the repair are obtainable for 10 years after purchase.

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Energy Efficiency

Our appliances consume as little electricity as possible – both during production and in their use phase. Our aim with every new generation of appliances is to further reduce their energy consumption.

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We are working to make possible the disassembly of all of our products into their main component parts so that they can be recycled.

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Circularity and innovation

We aim to continually increase the proportion of recycled and sustainable materials in our appliances – while maintaining their high standard of quality.

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Vorwerk products are safe to use and naturally also comply with the applicable standards and laws.

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Satisfied Customers

We take our community’s feedback very seriously. Their wishes and suggestions flow into the development of new products.

Sustainable Materials

In an effort to conserve resources, we are continually increasing the proportion of sustainable materials in our products. For example, we use regranulate produced from Thermomix® manufacturing waste, as well as working with our partners and suppliers on the development of innovative solutions for the ecofriendly production of our appliances.

Well Packaged

Sustainability and resource conservation not only play a central role in our products, but also in their packaging. At Vorwerk, a dedicated department is responsible for developing innovative and environmentally friendly packaging concepts. We rely on recycled and recyclable materials and strive to keep the use of plastics to a minimum. Our aim is to use only one material for our packaging in order to facilitate subsequent disposal and recycling. Logistics also plays an important role in the sustainability of packaging. For example, we reduce energy consumption and CO₂ emissions by optimizing packaging sizes. We also use innovative technologies such as intelligent laboratory tests to ensure that our products are optimally protected during transportation and that our customers have a positive unpacking experience. In the long term, we want to switch completely to climate-neutral packaging and are testing innovative reusable concepts.

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"Less is more when it comes to packaging"
Jowan Yesdin oversees several projects at Vorwerk Elektrowerke and was recently awarded the BDD Sustainability Award for two of his packaging solutions. We introduce you to our Packaging Developer in more detail.