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So that our world remains our home

Vorwerk has been shaping peoples’ homes for 137 years. We elevate life quality with our products, and also want future generations to feel at home on our planet. This is why we back sustainable, responsible action in all of our business units. 

We take responsibility and are aware that in our role as an international company, we can afford to make a major contribution: economically, ecologically and socially. Because in the future, we want to live in a home that is in tune with both people and nature. 

We are well on the way to shaping our products sustainably, at every stage of the value chain. This includes consuming less energy in the production process and later use-phase, and using recyclable materials. Of at least equal importance are technology and workmanship that stand the test of time.

Our employees also contribute to making us a sustainable company. We want you to feel at home with us. That is why we are creating a workplace that is characterized by fairness, is family-oriented, and offers a wide range of career opportunities.

We also believe that acting sustainably means campaigning for economically and socially disadvantaged people around the world. We support a range of projects including the SOS-Kinderdörfer and Wuppertaler Tafel.

Our Vision

We want a world in which a safe, healthy life full of opportunity can also be imagined in the future. A world, in which we all feel at home. We set concrete goals with this in mind.

Our Goals

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Reduce emissions

by two thirds

Since July 2022, the Vorwerk Group has been climate neutral in terms of its own CO2 emissions. This means that we reduce our own emissions and offset any remaining emissions. By 2025, we aim to cut two thirds of our emissions (in comparison with 2016).

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We want to take more responsibility for the supply-chain throughout the entire group, above and beyond the measures we have previously taken. To do so, we are setting achievable milestones, developing our internal structure and sensitizing our suppliers when it comes to sustainability issues.

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family and career

As a family-run business, we feel it is especially important to combine family, workplace and career. We want to create a workplace, where the needs of mothers and fathers are taken care of.

Our success stories

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7,5 %

less energy for every product we manufacture

From 2016 to 2020, our plant in Wuppertal managed to reduce the energy consumption for every product made by 7.5 percent.

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Rewilding the Wupper

We rewilded a 1.1 kilometer stretch of the Wupper River for the renovation of our site in the Laaken district of Wuppertal. This led to the emergence of a habitat for plants and animals in and around the river.

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Top employer

in China

Vorwerk China is counted as one of the country’s top employers. Our Shanghai site took part in the Top Employer Institute evaluation for the first time in 2020, and was immediately rewarded in 2021. 

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UN Global Compact

The Vorwerk Group supports the UN Global Compact (UNGC), the world's largest and most important corporate sustainability initiative. By signing, we commit to implementing ten universal sustainability principles on the topics of "Human Rights and Labor Standards", "Environmental and Climate Protection" and "Anti-Corruption" and to promoting the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Together with over 16,000 other companies and organizations, we want to move closer to the vision of a sustainable and inclusive economy, step by step, across sectors and national borders. We provide information on our progress and ongoing efforts annually as part of our sustainability reporting (communication on progress).

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To keep the world our home

In the current 2020 Vorwerk Sustainability Report, you can read all about our sustainability activities, our goals, and how we live out sustainability and responsibility at Vorwerk.

Former sustainability reports

How we practice sustainability

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Standardization processes and legislation
"The most energy-efficient vacuum cleaner is the broom”
It’s only norms and standards that allow you to compare products and services. That stands to reason right away. Yet hardly any of us deal with these subjects on a day-to-day basis. For Jens Giegerich from Vorwerk Elektrowerke this is another story. Good reason to talk with him about standardization processes and legislation.
Elektrowerke 2020 bild
Saving energy, creating natural spaces
How Vorwerk Engineering protects the environment
Vorwerk Engineering is making the next advances toward more environmental protection. An important component: the extensive restructuring of the Wuppertal-Laaken production site, including the renaturation of the Wupper river. We take a look at the measures and ambitious objectives.
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Top Employer China 2021
"Passionate people are one of our supporting pillars"
In order to receive the “Top Employer” certificate, employers need to inspire confidence in many areas. Vorwerk China managed to do so directly in the first run. Human Resources Manager Eva Shen explains what constitutes a top employer in China.

Products and supply-chain

We rely on quality from the get-go

Whatever we get off the ground has to have a long life-cycle. That is why we back high-quality products, which are sustainably developed and produced. This includes fair and environmentally friendly conditions along the entire value chain.

Produkte und Lieferkette

Environmental protection

Protecting the environment means protecting people

We use energy from renewable sources, cut our own CO₂-emissions, avoid waste and recycle – we take environmental protection very seriously. We also set an example outside of production, for example, with our electric company cars.

Working together

Family-oriented and rich in opportunity

Working at Vorwerk means being part of an international team and developing professionally. With this in mind, we place high value on upholding a healthy work-life balance as well as flexible, family-oriented working hours. And what’s more: We believe that combining family, workplace and career is one of the most important sustainability goals in the ‘Employees’ field of activity.

Miteinander arbeiten
Soziales Engagement

Social engagement

Think globally, act locally

We are at home in over 60 countries around the world. We feel connected to every one of these countries – not only as a part of the market, but also as a part of society. We understand that not everyone has a home in which they feel comfortable. We want to change this. 

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