1. Website Content:
The operator and authors of this website accept no liability for the quality of the information provided or for its being up to date, accurate or complete. Liability claims against the operator or the authors in respect of damage of a material or non-material nature caused by the use or non-use of the information provided, or by the use of incorrect or incomplete information, are inadmissible provided there is no verifiably willful or grossly negligent culpability on the part of the operator or authors. All offers are subject to alteration and not binding. The operator and authors expressly reserve the right to modify, add or delete sections of pages or the entire website or to cease its publication either temporarily or permanently.

2. References and Links:
Where references are made directly or indirectly to external websites (links) outside the sphere of the operator’s or authors’ responsibility, liability would only apply if the operator or the authors were aware of that website’s contents and in the event of illegal content, it was technically possible and they could be reasonably expected to prevent use of the link. The operator and the authors therefore expressly declare that at the time the link was established, the linked sites in question were free of illegal content. The operator and the authors have no influence whatsoever on the current and future presentation, nor on the content of the linked websites. They therefore hereby distance themselves expressly from all content of all linked websites which have been modified since the link was created. This declaration applies to all links and references in place within the operator’s own website as well as to external entries in guest books, discussion boards and mailing lists set up by the operator. The operator of the linked site, and not whoever merely refers to the publication in question via links, shall be solely liable for any illegal, incorrect or incomplete content and in particular for any damage arising from the use or non-use of any such information.

3. Copyright and Trademark Law:
In all publications, the author endeavors to respect the copyright of all graphics, sound files, video sequences and copy used, to use graphics, sound files, video sequences and copy created by him or herself or to fall back on unlicensed graphics, sound files, video sequences and copy. All brand names and trademarks cited within the website and possibly protected by third-party rights are subject without restriction to the provisions of the applicable German trademark law and the property rights of the respective registered proprietor. The mere mention of trademarks should not be taken to mean that they are not protected by third-party rights!

4. Copyright:
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The copyright for published items created by the author him or herself is retained solely by the author of the web pages. The reproduction or use of such graphics, sound files, video sequences and copy in other electronic or print media is not permitted without the express consent of the author.

5. Legal Validity of the Disclaimer:
This disclaimer shall be deemed part of the website which referred to this page. Should parts or individual formulations of this text not, no longer or not entirely correspond to current law, this shall not affect the content and validity of the remainder of the document.

Last updated: January 2008