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Trend-analyses with Thermomix®

How Big Data helps us optimize the cooking experience

Being connected to the internet and thereby to a digital ecosystem including the recipe platform Cookidoo ®, it has become so much more than just a device. The new technology supports millions of people around the world in the preparation of enjoyable meals. And it helps us to continuously enhance our customers experiences – by collecting and analysing huge amounts of device- and user-generated data.

In the past few years, Thermomix ® has emerged to become the number one IoT kitchen appliance. Today, more than 60% of customers using a “Cook-Key”, which connects their Thermomix ® to the digital ecosystem, have given us the permission to use their data to improve the cooking experience. That’s nearly one million connected Thermomix ® devices providing us with data – about what our users cook, when, how long and even if they modify a recipe. Of course, we retain strict control over the data and all information is kept inhouse. Gathering data in all our markets – most of the data is collected in the three major Thermomix ® countries Germany (35%), France (27%) and Spain (15%) – allows us to identify regional preferences as well as universal learnings that we can answer to. Today I would like to share three of these Big Data learnings with you.

Insight 1

Thermomix transforms kitchens!

Of course, other kitchen appliances are still frequently used. But our data analysis shows that 40% of our customers use our device five times a week – or even more. And their average session lasts 40 minutes. A simple but important conclusion: Thermomix plays a significant role in the daily life of those who own it and becomes one of the most important appliances in the kitchen. At first glance, that’s just good news for us. But to recognize that we and our work really transform the cooking experience on a data basis motivates all of us to improve our services and to keep on offering new features and recipes for our customers. Which brings me to our second insight:

Insight 2

Our customers remain autonomous and get experimental

Although we guarantee a delicious result every time you use the step-by-step instructions of the guided cooking function, 42% of the cooking sessions with our TM5 still are freestyle – a fact, that brings us to two conclusions: Our customers like to experiment and get creative, but they remain autonomous at the same time. This is supported by the fact, that the highest guided cooking usage is registered on Saturdays. We are working to understand the drivers of this behaviour via further analysis. Knowing, when our customers get experimental, allows us to manage our recipe recommendations and to provide them with the right content at the right time.

Insight 3

The simplest recipes can be the key to our customer

We have learned through research that customers are longing for simple recipes. This is reflected in the fact that the most used recipe with Thermomix ® is the one for boiled eggs. You did not expect that, did you? Neither did we. Because it’s such a basic thing to do. But sometimes the simplest of cooking demands a degree of care and attention. And our goal is that Thermomix ® will do this for you – for every recipe at any time. This way we really simplify people's everyday lives

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Maria Coronado

joined Vorwerk almost two years ago to work in research and insights for Thermomix ®. After studying marketing analytics, she first worked with Big Data during her job for a telecommunications company – doing cluster and factor analysis to identify special usage segments. Today, she finds it exciting using Big Data to enhance the cooking experience of millions of customers.