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"Electric Mobility is the Future"

Quiet, efficient, environmentally friendly - that's how Tetyana Schreiber, E-Mobility Officer at akf servicelease, describes electric vehicles. The company car fleet of the Vorwerk Group will also primarily rely on electric mobility in the future, sending a strong message both internally and externally while contributing to environmental and climate protection.

But what exactly does electric mobility mean? According to Tetyana Schreiber, the availability of charging infrastructure is crucial to get as many electric vehicles on the roads as possible. It is important to have the ability to charge vehicles at home or at work. Vorwerk is taking the lead in expanding the charging infrastructure at its own locations (charge@work) and for its employees (charge@home). Additionally, there is a subsidy available for the installation of private charging points (wallboxes). According to Tetyana Schreiber, purchase incentives from the state and federal government, tax benefits, and advisory services make electric mobility more attractive than ever before.

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Tetyana Schreiber

Vorwerk and akf servicelease promote e-mobility

"Electric mobility is the future," says Tetyana Schreiber. In addition to the growing environmental awareness among many people, the legislation to phase out combustion engines also drives the trend towards electric vehicles. In the EU, no new vehicles powered by fossil diesel or gasoline will be allowed to be registered from 2035 onwards.

Those driving a company car from the Vorwerk Group are already taking a pioneering role in sustainable forms of mobility and also sending a positive signal to the public. akf servicelease has already created a comprehensive 360° e-mobility package for Vorwerk and commercial customers, providing a great opportunity to transform the company car fleet. "Vorwerk is taking its social responsibility for climate protection and sustainable resource utilization seriously," explains Tetyana Schreiber.

Central contact person for electric mobility

Tetyana Schreiber has been working at akf servicelease since 2014. She has been part of the Business Development team for a few years, which led to the establishment of the Electrify Vorwerk division focusing on electric mobility. She has now become the central contact person for electric mobility. What does she enjoy most about it? "I am always thrilled by the interaction between different companies and departments." She has already built up a broad expertise in e-mobility. However, new legal requirements and insights in the electric mobility market pose occasional challenges:

"It's remarkable how fast-paced this topic is evolving. It motivates me to stay on top of things," says Tetyana Schreiber.

Interest in electric mobility? Here's an overview of the advantages and disadvantages:



Quiet driving
Low operating costs due to tax benefits
Less wear and tear compared to combustion engines
Lower operating costs as electricity is cheaper than fossil fuel
Environmentally friendly driving with no local CO2 emissions

Partially long charging times
Limited range for very long trips
Expandable charging infrastructure
Higher purchase price
Fees often unclear (parking fees, blocking fees, charging fees) 

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