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Excellent quality 

Awarded for quality: Thermomix® way to a Superbrand in Poland

Thermomix® has won the Superbrands Poland 2019 award and has thus joined the prestigious club of the best brands in the country, being present in Poland since 1995. After Portugal and Germany, Poland is the third country, in which Vorwerk has received this award for offering significant emotional and physical advantages that consumers want and recognise. But how do you become known as a brand? And above all: How do you manage to stay in the customers memory and connect with them at the same time? In over 20 years of hard work, building awareness for our brand in Poland, we have identified and summarized several key-factors:

Offer high quality

Your brand is not a product or service alone. It is how people recognize your product and service and what they think about it. A lasting good impression only arises when you offer high quality and outstanding functionalities. Our customers appreciate Thermomix® for facilitating cooking and saving time – and therefore they are willing to recommend us to their relatives and friends. There is no better way to attract attention and build a credible brand than through feedback and recommendation from real customers.

Recognize your customers’ needs

Offering quality means to adapt your product or service to the customers’ needs, which have changed fundamentally through digitalization. By developing the number one IoT kitchen appliance and creating the recipe platform Cookidoo®, Thermomix® responds to these needs, because we help our clients develop their culinary skills. We observe food trends, dietary fashions or other changes related to conscious nutrition and can offer suitable recipes for healthy dishes in a short time. Additionally, we develop regional and national cuisine recipes and, in this way, do not forget about our customers who are attached to tradition. And of course – the recipes aren’t only available online but published in books and taught in Thermomix® cooking classes.

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We are extremely proud of this award. It confirms that customers trust our brand, know that Thermomix® is the best quality appliance and that they can always rely on the knowledge and experience of our advisors
Wojciech Ćmikiewicz, Director Sales Thermomix® Poland

Cooperate with ambassadors and influencers that fit your brand

Famous ambassadors that fit your brand are a great help in building recognition. In Poland, Thermomix® cooperated with well-known chefs like Wojciech Amaro, Andrzej Polan, Witek Iwański and Robert Trzópek, who are owners of some of the best polish restaurants. That some of them use our application in their kitchens or during culinary shows and others develop recipes for Cookidoo®, highlights the quality of our product.

In addition to professional ambassadors, Thermomix® observes the blogosphere and social media carefully, looking for people promoting our product. Various influencers on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube are happy to share information about what they cooked with the Thermomix® and they like to experiment. These natural promoters are the best ambassadors for a brand.

Be visible during relevant events and in media

To network and to stay in touch with your different target groups is one of the outstanding qualities of a superbrand. Being present during prestigious and important events related to culinary life, such as “Pellegrino Young Chef Poland” or “Bocuse d’Or Poland”, is a proof that Thermomix® seriously participates in the world of cooking. It helps to be well known in the chefs’ environment and be present in media. This approach is complemented by a content strategy in which we share our experience and knowledge of culinary art. Our lifestyle content about food trends and cooking is published in magazines specialized for women, culinary and design and recently in parenting magazines. Finally, providing suitable recipes is very popular among readers and strengthens the brands relationship with the customer.

No superbrand without a strong team

We believe that all these activities, and of course the skills and commitment of the sales team combined with Thermomix® top quality, helped us to be awarded Superbrand 2019.