Sustainability and responsibility in practice at Vorwerk

To keep the world our home

Everything we need, we find on our earth. It is the foundation of our lives. That's why whatever affects it affects us as well. At the moment, however, we are living as if we had two planets at our disposal. Our current consumption of resources goes beyond what we are entitled to with a view to future generations. The fact that we do not make good use of our resources is already clearly noticeable in some regions of the world.

Our shared home is our concern

We know how things stand with our world. And we don't want to just put up with that. That is why we are committed to sustainable development. It is of great importance to us to accept the challenge and to contribute more and more to the solution. In concrete terms, this means that we assume our share of responsibility and continuously improve the impact of our business activities on the environment and society.

Sustainable management – this is by no means a new idea for Vorwerk. Long-term thinking, reliable action, and commitment to society and the environment have been a matter of course in our family-owned company since it was founded in 1883. After all, it is because of this that we were, are, and will continue to be future-proof.

Everything has its order

Keeping our world a place that’s worth living in – this mission can only succeed if we systematically integrate it into our goals and processes. This is the only way to ensure that it does not fade from sight in everyday business activities. To this end, we have firmly anchored sustainability in our company, both strategically and organizationally. That way our commitment to sustainability also contributes to our corporate vision: "We elevate the quality of life wherever you call home."

Our vision
“Our superior products and services elevate the quality of life everywhere you call home.”

Our mission
“We create passionate, loyal customers by simplifying homes with high-quality, long-lasting solutions. Our superior products and services come with the human touch, from the way we develop them and sell them, to the way they are used. Our unique direct selling capabilities empower people across the globe, elevating lives for the better. As a trusted family business, we are committed to act in a socially and environmentally responsible way. We strive to achieve economic success as a means to ensure family ownership of Vorwerk for many generations to come.”

Our understanding of sustainability
We want to systematically and continuously improve the impact of our business activities on the environment and society and thus make a positive contribution to sustainable development. To keep the world our home.

We want to improve the lives of our customers at home – and that means improving our world as well. After all, our world is the home that we all share.

With the right recipe to success

We want to ensure that we act more sustainably. That's why we are following a plan. Our fields of action show which areas we are concentrating on:


Our fields of action are the result of a strategic process. We examined the global sustainability challenges and concerns of our stakeholders. From this, we identified our material topics and grouped them into fields of action. We have set ourselves goals and defined concrete measures for the fields of action.

That's how we are working to keep our world our home.

We are confident that our efforts will be effective. Why? Because we have set ourselves to work and are continually learning something new.

Our goals

We set ourselves concrete goals – and can already look back on our first successes. When we achieve a goal, we set ourselves a new one. That is how we constantly evolve.
And these are some of the specific goals we have set ourselves:

Home is the place to be

As a family business, we are committed to sustainability out of conviction. This attitude influences our view of things and our approach to the topic of sustainability.

The standards we set ourselves

  • We are honest with ourselves and with others, because honesty is the prerequisite for us continuing to improve.

  • We are not afraid of change, but welcome it as an opportunity to make progress.

  • We keep our promises and let ourselves be measured by our results.

  • We develop solutions that we can be proud of for a long time.

  • Fair and respectful dealings – with one another as well as with all our stakeholders – are a given for us.

  • We are active in the community – that is also a given. That is how we encourage others in times when solidarity is becoming increasingly important.

Home is where you feel comfortable. That's what home feels like for us.

We are committed to improving more and more in matters of sustainability – and in this way also to improving a little bit of the world around us.

To keep the world our home

In the current 2018 Vorwerk Sustainability Report, you can read all about our sustainability activities, our goals, and how we live out sustainability and responsibility at Vorwerk.