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Success thanks to innovative products and services

Vorwerk's core business is the development, production and direct sales of innovative premium household appliances. The Vorwerk Group's portfolio also includes financing solutions and a venture capital company.

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Always an Extra Serving of Joy with the Thermomix® TM6

It was in 1970 that the idea of designing a device that could both mix and cook came to the man, who was then Managing Director of Vorwerk France. Soon after, in 1971, the “original Thermomix” VM 2000 came onto the market. Vorwerk has been continuously developing new models with improved performance and new features ever since – the latest of these being today’s Thermomix ® TM6.
With the integrated Cookidoo ® recipe portal, the Thermomix ® TM6 offers direct access to more than 90,000 carefully developed and tested recipes. The Guided cooking function takes users through the recipes step by step. This makes the Thermomix ® a state-of-the-art, digital kitchen appliance. The Thermomix divison is represented with its own subsidiaries in a total of 16 countries in Europe, Asia and North America. In addition, more than 40 distributors are engaged in selling the multifunctional kitchen appliance.
More than 81,500 advisors worldwide demonstrate the Thermomix ® mainly at customers’ homes, thereby providing a cooking experience. Additionally, Thermomix ® is displayed in some countries in convential stores and also sold there to a certain degree.

1.7 billion €

in sales generated by the Thermomix ® Division in 2023


An average of 81,500 advisors and 4,500 employees work for Thermomix ®/Bimby®

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Simplifying Housework for 90 Years

Kobold is one of the most traditional business segments and one of Vorwerk's best-known products.
When the company invented the Kobold handheld vacuum cleaner in 1929, it had succeeded in achieving high suction power with a small and handy device.
The next innovation was not long in coming, and in 1930 Vorwerk was the first company to introduce direct sales in Europe. Innovation, quality and durability - this is what the high-quality vacuum and cleaning solutions from Kobold stand for to this day. In addition to upright and handheld vacuum cleaners, the Kobold product range also includes a vacuum robot and a window cleaner.  A cordless vacuum cleaner with a matching cordless hardfloor vacuum and mop complete the product range.

The Kobold division is represented with its own subsidiaries in  a total of 11 countries in Europe and Asia.
In addition, more than 19 distributors are engaged  in selling the products. Kobold is active worldwide with a direct sales approach as well as with online shops  and company-own conventional stores.

860 Mio. €

in sales generated by Kobold/Folletto in 2023

An average of 11,600 sales advisors and
1,800 employees work for Kobold/Folletto


Vorwerk Direct Sales

Direct sales of premium products is Vorwerk’s core business. During a personal demonstration customers come to recognize the exceptional quality of the products.

Depending on the product group and local differences, Vorwerk practices different forms of direct selling. The benefits are clear:
For customers, there’s the opportunity to convince themselves of a product’s quality and performance during a personal demonstration in their own home.
For advisors, direct selling represents an attractive work and income opportunity that offers them maximum flexibility in a dynamic growth market. 


col img 4 3 akf

akf Group

Vorwerk founded akf bank in 1968; today, it counts among Germany’s largest leasing and financing companies. Anticipation of trends, wise adjustment to new market demands and responsible growth all go to make the akf group a valuable provider of special financing for small and mid-size companies. 

570 Mio. €

in sales generated by the akf group in 2023


An average of 520 employees work for the akf group

Neu Vorwerk Ventures

Vorwerk Direct Selling Ventures

The Vorwerk Group invests in companies pursuing novel and promising sales concepts through Vorwerk Ventures. The venture capital entity makes its investment decisions without any direct relationship to the strategy of the Vorwerk Group and thereby has the scope to invest in completely new segments that have the potential for strong growth and high profitability. The Vorwerk Ventures portfolio includes e.g. the following companies: LILLYDOO, OTTOnova, smartfrog, everdrop and Thermondo.


Vorwerk International

Vorwerk is represented in more than 60 countries. Discover our divisions respective sales markets around the world.