Innovation made by Vorwerk

Innovations made by Vorwerk

Vorwerk develops, produces and supplies its household appliances exclusively to the sales organizations of the Thermomix ®, Kobold and Temial divisions.

The name Vorwerk stands for outstanding products, innovative technology and top quality. These are the standards by which each of our appliances is judged – and they apply to both the hardware and software components. We here at Vorwerk Engineering play a key role in ensuring that these standards are met, and at our three locations we form the entire value chain in collaboration with the product management and sales organizations. It all starts with the initial idea for a new appliance and extends through its design to the final product, which is then produced exclusively for the Thermomix ®, Kobold and Temial sales organizations.

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Vorwerk Engineering, Germany​ Our headquarters at the Vorwerk head office ​ in Wuppertal
Vorwerk Engineering, Germany​ Our headquarters at the Vorwerk head office ​ in Wuppertal

At Vorwerk Engineering’s headquarters in Wuppertal, where we employ nearly 1200 people at our research and development, quality management and administration units located in the direct vicinity of our production departments in the motor and appliance production facility: Among other things, a wide variety of components – from injection-molded parts to motor technology – is developed and manufactured there and the product completed on the assembly line. The same applies to our agile digital research and development teams, which are based in Düsseldorf and Wuppertal and specialize in embedded software and Cloud and apps. In our research and development unit we have 280 people working side by side on innovative products. Our innovation potential is clearly demonstrated by the roughly 100 new inventions for which Vorwerk makes patent applications every year.

Vorwerk  Semco, France​ Our main Thermomix production site​
Vorwerk  Semco, France​ Our main Thermomix production site​

Vorwerk Semco is located in Cloyes sur Le Loir, France, and with its 360-strong workforce plays a key role as the lead location of our Thermomix production for the European and non-European market – with an impressive daily output of currently over 7000 appliances a day. 

Over 1.700

people are employed in research and development
and at Vorwerk’s production sites.


Innovation calls for enthusiastic people:​

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