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Family-oriented and rich in opportunities:

Our work culture sets us apart

Working at Vorwerk means being part of an international team and developing professionally. We place real value on a healthy work-life balance as well as flexible, family-oriented working hours. And what’s more: Combining family, workplace and career is one of our most important sustainability goals in the ‘Employees’ field of activity.

Fairness and good livelihood

Vorwerk is built around our employees. It is important that they feel comfortable and are able to develop. To make sure of this, we place real value on open communication, teamwork and a culture of respect, regardless of hierarchies and cultures.

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Vocational training opens doors

We take care of vocational training for young people at many of our locations. We provide the perfect springboard into the world of work using the dual training system tried-and-tested in Germany, which combines theory and practice. At the same time, this enables us to attract, encourage and retain young talent. Gender and background make no difference in this regard. We also provide refugees and disabled people with a shot at a future career.

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Creating a shared understanding of management

We aim to strengthen specialists and future managers through our training program. Within the framework of our Global Academy, launched in 2018, we bundle a range of programs and training. These are supplemented by local offers from our associations. Behind all of these measures lies the goal of establishing a shared understanding of management within the company. 

Five principles that our managers internalize so that Vorwerk remains an agile, high-performing and engaged organization.

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Working Together

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What Vorwerk employees were able to accomplish during the crisis

Our company culture

Using our 2025 company strategy, we aim to establish a management culture that is founded upon meaning, creative freedom and trust. This culture combines respect and enjoyment in what we do with systematic and transparent decisions. We see an open culture of feedback as an enriching tool to bring agile working methods to life.

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Personal Development

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Family-oriented working world

As a family-run business we feel it is especially important to combine family, workplace and career. We want to create a workplace where the personal needs of our employees are taken care of. On the one hand, the flexible working hours that our employees can take advantage of help us in this regard, as do our flextime accounts. These make it possible to work more during certain life stages, and less during others. We were already taking advantage of remote work before Corona.


Mothers and fathers can also use the parent-child office in Wuppertal. If the little ones are being looked after in a kindergarten or daycare center, parents receive financial support.

Working and staying healthy

Whether in the office or in production: We ensure occupational health across all business units. That is why our in-house health-management program covers a wide range of methods. For example, in Wuppertal we have an on-site medical service, massages and physiotherapy, as well as ergonomic office furniture. There is also the offer of eye examinations and flu vaccinations, as well as in-house social counseling for our employees. Anybody who wants to can use the free gym that we cooperate with. 

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Working at Vorwerk

Taking care of talent, your health and families: All of these are good reasons to choose a career at Vorwerk. We help our employees find their work-life balance.

More about sustainability at Vorwerk

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To keep the world our home

In the current 2020 Vorwerk Sustainability Report, you can read all about our sustainability activities, our goals, and how we live out sustainability and responsibility at Vorwerk.

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