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Think globally, act locally: Our social engagement

We are at home in over 60 countries around the world. We feel connected to every one of these countries – not only as a part of the market, but also as a part of society. We understand that not everyone has a home in which they feel comfortable. We aim to change that with our social engagement. This will help us provide more people with a better home.

Our strategy: A home for everyone

As a family-run business, the subjects of family and home are particularly close to our heart. This philosophy is encapsulated by our products, which are often put to use in family households, but also by our social engagement. Whether on-location at our sites or together with international organizations: We aim to inspire, and provide people with a home that is worth living in.

Because a home is more than just a place. It is an environment in which one should feel safe and secure, meet with family and friends, grow up, and live in peace. For many people, this kind of home does not exist. We are personally dedicated to such people. 

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Practical on-site help: Vorwerk supports many local projects, schools and kindergartens with material and monetary donations – especially at our headquarters in Wuppertal.

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Digital visitor-bridges: During the Corona period, the company family equipped retirement homes with tablets and WiFi so that residents could contact their relatives.

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Vorwerk associations are committed to charitable projects close to their locations all over the world. For example, Vorwerk USA donated the Thermomix® TM6 to organizations that helped victims of the forest fires in California.

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From family to family: Our support for the SOS-Kinderdörfer has been providing orphaned children with a better home for years.

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Thermomix® donations and "digital visitor bridge"

What Vorwerk employees were able to accomplish during the crisis

The corona crisis presented us with many challenges and raised the question: what is the state of affairs concerning solidarity on a national and international scale? We show that solidarity can spread – and that it has many manifestations at Vorwerk.

Every child should have a home: Support for SOS-Kinderdörfer

As a family-run business, we feel it is especially important for every child to grow up with the care of a loving family. This is why we have been supporting the international SOS-Kinderdörfer network for a number of years. The children’s villages, or ‘Kinderdörfer’, are a home for many young people who, for a range of different reasons, cannot grow up with their loving parents. 

We collect donations for SOS-Kinderdörfer all over the world via the “Vorwerk Family” fund. Employees and advisors, the company management and company family have already made donations of EUR 2.6 million to the fund with their exceptional engagement (Effective: 2020).

This helped contribute to the construction of several SOS-Kinderdörfer children’s homes in India and Costa Rica, as well as a new children’s village in Vietnam. This provides as many as 140 children and their ‘village mothers’ with a new home. The children attend the kindergarten in the village, the local primary school or secondary school. They grow up under the protection of family-like structures. As such, we are able to create a safe, loving home and the chance of a bright future.

SOS Kinderdorf

Further donation projects in Germany and around the world

We are engaged with charitable projects at a number of other sites:

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At the headquarters in Wuppertal and the surrounding area, more than 40 associations and institutions were happy to receive a monetary donation in 2020 including the Junior-Uni Wuppertal, the Vorwerk Park foundation, the local children’s and youth theater, the Wuppertaler Schauspiel theater, and organizations such as “Porta”, “Die Färberei” and “Leben in Vielfalt”.

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Vorwerk France supported 79 charitable organizations in 2020, and Vorwerk China pledged money to the fight against the Corona pandemic. Our branches in Poland provided assistance to a hospital in Wroclaw where Corona patients were being treated.

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Vorwerk USA donated several Thermomix® TM6 to a charitable organization to enable the victims of forest fires to cook again. Our colleagues in France, Poland and Taiwan also supported charitable institutions with products from Vorwerk.

More about sustainability at Vorwerk

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To keep the world our home

In the current 2020 Vorwerk Sustainability Report, you can read all about our sustainability activities, our goals, and how we live out sustainability and responsibility at Vorwerk.

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