Long-lasting, repairable, resource-friendly: We rely on quality from the get-go

Whatever we get off the ground has to have a long life-cycle. This is why we back high-quality products. Sustainability plays an important role here - across the entire value chain.

Lasting pleasure from our products

Whether with our Thermomix, “Kobold” vacuum cleaners or the Temial tee machine: The high quality and durability of our products has always been our recipe for success. Because only when products are made using high-quality components do they facilitate long-lasting high performance with minimal wear. One example is our Kobold VK118, which was first produced in 1983. To this day, we are still selling around 300,000 FP122 filter-bags for this vacuum cleaner. This shows that Vorwerk products still render good services and protect resources after almost 40 years.

As far as we are concerned, a product only becomes sustainable once it fulfills the following demands:


At our sites, we manufacture high-quality products with certified quality management in line with ISO 9001.


Our products last for many years, during which time they conserve resources that would be used if a new purchase was made. 


If a repair is necessary after all, spare parts are available for a period of ten years after purchase.


Our devices consume as little energy as possible. We aim to further reduce energy consumption with each new generation of devices .


We are striving to ensure that all products can be dismantled down to their main parts and then reused.


Vorwerk products are safe to use and comply with applicable standards and laws.

Sustainable supply-chain

We also expect our suppliers to comply with ecological and social standards. We are working towards this goal together.

Satisfied customers

We regularly ask our customers to provide their suggestions for the development of new products.

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Responsibility for our products

Sustainability covers the entire value chain: from the initial idea, via manufacture and product use, right through to disposal. In order to become more sustainable in this regard, we are working on our ecological and social impact.

Suppliers bound to sustainability

The sustainability of products, and ultimately of the company, also depends on the sustainability of our suppliers’ industries. This is why suppliers of raw materials, finished parts and consumables must adhere to our standards concerning quality, the environment and society – which we review at regular intervals.

The production sites for the Engineering business unit are familiar with the SA 8000 social standard. Among other things, this includes the abolition of child- and forced labor, the prohibition of discrimination at the workplace and the payment of fair wages.

What’s more, in 2021 we trained a team to examine and, where necessary, modify due-diligence processes across the group.

Vorwerk Engineering exclusively works with suppliers who recognize the importance of adhering to environmental and social standards. These are inspected at regular intervals.

Sustainable materials, less packaging

In order to conserve resources, we are using more sustainable materials in our products. For example, we process regranulate from production waste from the Thermomix®. And, through our collaboration with the Stuttgart Institute for Plastic Technology (IKT), we discovered that by using the material ABS-plastic (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) we could save approx. 1,300 tons of CO². We will be drawing on these findings in future product developments.

We make an effort to reduce plastic in our packaging as well as to increase use of recyclable and recycled materials – especially paper and cardboard. As the graphic shows, this material constitutes a share of almost 80%. Plastic materials are used much less often to pack our products. They make up just under twelve percent.

Our products can be repaired

In order for products to last longer, it must be possible to repair them. This is why we make our spare parts available for a period of ten years after purchase.

Sustainable design is long-lasting

Sustainable design is long-lasting, high-quality and timeless. This goes without saying for the people using it, and is the culmination of the best technology and design. Just like products from Vorwerk: Clear design, ease-of-use and high performance have often led to our products being awarded prizes such as the German Design Award.

More about sustainability at Vorwerk

To keep the world our home

In the current 2020 Vorwerk Sustainability Report, you can read all about our sustainability activities, our goals, and how we live out sustainability and responsibility at Vorwerk.

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